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Born: February 20, 1943, East Kildonan, Manitoba

Former NHL and WHA goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins (1969-70), Buffalo Sabres (1970-71), Detroit Red Wings (1971-72) and Winnipeg Jets (1971-79).

Daley was the Sabres' first choice in the 1970 Intra-League Draft. He was also one of the last NHL goalies to play without a mask, although he did wear a mask for Winnipeg in the WHA.

He played 308 games for the WHA Winnipeg Jets where he won a record 167 games to become the winningest goalie in WHA history.

Awards and achievements

  • SJHL Second All-Star Team (1962)
  • EHL Rookie of the Year (1964)
  • Avco Cup (WHA) Championship (1976, 1978, & 1979)
  • WHA First All-Star Team (1976)
  • Izvetia Cup Best Goaltender (1976)
  • WHA Second All-Star Team (1977)
  • “Honoured Member” of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Inducted as an inaugural member into the World Hockey Association Hall of Fame (2010)

Currently he operates a successful trading card Store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aptly named Joe Daley's Sports and Framing.

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