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Born: Montreal, Quebec: June 19, 1992

Club Member

2000 – 2004: Aquana (QC)

2005 - 2009: Alliance Synchro (QC)

2009 - 2011: Dollard Synchro (QC)

2011 - National Team Member

2006 – first qualified for Synchro Canada's 13-15 National Team.

2010 FINA World Junior Championships, member of the Junior National Team,
won two bronze medals, one in solo with Emilia Kopcik;
one in the team event, still her best career memory.

2011 - Qualified for Centre of Excellence,
Synchro Canada's Senior National B team

2011 - started a degree in administration at Concordia University
objective: to be a business manager

Sister also a synchronized swimmer for seven years

Rachel sings in her free time; has recorded two albums with her mother and sister.

Future Goal: to represent Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games.

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