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Mission Statement:

We are committed to spreading the good news of God's grace and love through the faith story of Christian athletes.

Program Purpose:

We live in a time of a pervasive belief that all spiritual roads lead to God and an eternal life in the hereafter. Using the Biblical passage of Acts 4:12 as our foundation… ”Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved”… we believe this message of the exclusivity of Jesus Christ be conveyed by athletes who share the same conviction. This program is therefore an opportunity for these Christian athletes to share their “coming to the cross of Christ journey” and thus sharing with us….their story.


Barry Sharpe


Bill Wilms

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Ontario Junior Hockey, Lacrosse and Baseball

Attended Appleby College; Joined Canadian Press in 1958 as news, sports, features writer.

Radio/TV broadcaster/producer, 1963 - 92.

Host/producer, West Coast Golf TV, 1980

Produced syndicated radio golf show, 1980 - 1992

Created BC Golf News.com 2002 - 2016

Volunteer, Missions Fest Vancouver, 1997 - 2010

Accepted Christ: 1992

Chilliwack, BC



Univ. of North Dakota Hockey – 1962-1968

22 years High School teacher - Vancouver

16 years Jr. A Hockey coach - Vancouver

25 years (2,356 games) Hockey Radio/TV broadcaster (WHL)

Delta Sports Hall of Fame inductee - Golf

Delta 7 over 70 Award Recognition

Accepted Christ: 1967

Delta, BC


Supporting Pastors



Pastor Bob Bahr
North Vancouver, BC



Pastor Peter Nikkel
White Rock, BC



The views on this site represent the views of individual athletes, coaches and guests and do not represent the official viewpoints of their teams, leagues, federations or sponsors. The involvement of all athletes and guests who participate is entirely voluntary.

The Christian Athlete: My Story .com (TCAMS) works with team chaplains to ensure the faith and maturity of the athletes and our guests on this site. We do recognize that athletes make mistakes, but if their relationships with God/Jesus and actions in life show continued growth TCAMS will continue to help provide a platform on which they can share their stories.

 Be sure to join us each week as more athletes from the world of sport
join us to share their personal testimony.