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Born: 1974

President and Founder of Real Encounter Outreach, Brad Bennett is a perfect example of how Almighty God takes the passion of one mans heart, blends it with the skill he was created for and uses it for the glory of God.

At the age of 19, Bennett's path as a professional motocross racer on tour crossed with one of his childhood heroes in motocross, Steve Wise. During the course of that ordained encounter, Steve introduced Brad to the person of Jesus Christ. Within a few short years, God blessed Bennett with a calling and a passion to full-time ministry while serving on the staff of a local church as a Student Pastor. During those years God began molding Brad's heart toward full-time evangelism and in 2000 Real Encounter Outreach was born.

Today, Brad can be found speaking, stunt riding and travelling with his Real Encounter team all over the world offering messages of hope, a message of a perfect man (Jesus Christ) who died, yet lives with the ability to change destructive behavior, offer forgiveness of sin, and give meaning to life.

In June, 2014, Brad's Springfield-based motorcycle stunt team, Real Encounter, was invited to appear on the NBC-TV Show, "America's Got Talent."

Bennett's platform now has many variances, from character-based school assemblies, to evangelistic outreach events and crusades. The passion of his heart is to see people of all ages know Christ. Brad successfully blends action sports with an anointed message of the Gospel to introduce crowds of seekers from all ages to the person of Jesus Christ.

"Not only do we get to put on an extreme sports show with the motorcycles and bicycles, I get to share, as an evangelist, how God has changed my life."



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