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Joe's Biography

Born: October 14, 1964 - Peoria, Illinois

Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois
BSc, Industrial Engineering

 Major League Baseball

 As General Manager

  • Florida Marlines, 2006;
  • New York Yankees, 2008 - present

 As Catcher

  • Chicago Cubs, 1989-1992
  • Colorado Rockies, 1993-1995
  • New York Yankees,1996-1999
  • Chicago Cubs, 2000-2002
  • St. Louis Cardinals, 2003

 Career Highlights

  • All-Star Catcher, Chicago Cubs 2000
  • National League Manager of the Year - Florida 2006
  • World Series Championship teams
  • As Player, Yankees - 1996, 1998, 1999
  • As Manager , Yankees - 2009
  • Catcher for Dwight Gooden's 1996 no-hitter
  • Catcher for David Cone's 1999 perfect game

Christian Quote:

"If you have faith and if you understand what Jesus is all about, that love is the greatest commandment, then the works will just take over. You'll want to be there for people. You'll want to do good things for people. You'll want to reach out to those who are struggling—very much like Jesus did."


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